AL32G – Korn and Bash Shell Programming
AN02G – Implementing Power 6, Virtualization and AIX 6.1 for Power5/AIX 5L Administrators
AN03G – Implementing Power 6 and HMC7 for AIX 5L and Power5 Administrators
AN04G – Implementing AIX6 for AIX5L Administrators
AU13G – AIX Basics
AU14G – AIX System Administration I: Implementation
AU16G – AIX System Administration II: ProblemDetermination
AU18G – AIX System Administration III: PerformanceManagement
AU19G – AIX System Administration V: WorkloadManager
AU20G – AIX System Administration IV: StorageManagement
AU24G – PERL Programming for Open Systems andthe World Wide Web
AU31G – GPFS System Administration
AU47G – Implementing AIX Security Features
AU73G – System P LPAR and Virtualization I: Planning and Configuration
AU75G – System P LPAR and Virtualization III: Virtualization Performance Management
AU77G – Analyzing and Tuning Complex AIX5LPerformance Issues
AU78G – System P LPAR and Virtualization II: Implementing Advanced Configurations
AU79G – Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM)
AW18G – AIX Jumpstart for Unix Professionals